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Cat Tattoo Discussion Board

Belly button piercing/age

Posted by doyouwearpurplepants@yahoo.com from IP: on 06/15/10

I'm 13, and I want to get my belly button pierced
if you bring a parent, what age do you have to be?

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RE:Belly button piercing/age

Posted by Brittany Jo from IP: on 06/19/10

We actually do not pierce navels under the age of 17 years old. This is in part because of the Texas State Law, as well as to your benefit as a growing female.
For women, during ages 13-23, there is an average growth of 3.4 inches a year. This is predominately in the torso.
When a navel is pierced too young, it may start off looking pretty & perfect, but within only a couple years, the growth takes effect. The skin pierced stretches, becomes thin, & in some cases (MINE PERSONALLY) migrates & rejects. You are then left with either a navel needing to be re-pierced & scarred, or a navel that has to be surgically reconstructed. Neither being a good result. And as a piercer, I unfortunately see them every week.
We will however perform many other piercings that do not infringe with the law or developing bodies :)
I'd love for you to stop in & see what we offer!

-Brittany Jo Cat Tattoo Piercing Artist

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RE:Belly button piercing/age

Posted by breanna from IP: on 09/11/11

hey I'm 17 and I want my belly bottom done.

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RE:Belly button piercing/age

Posted by kaogreg@yahoo.com from IP: on 09/12/12

how much are belly button piercings??

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RE:Belly button piercing/age

Posted by jonathanhburns@outlook.com from IP: on 02/28/15

The CORRECT answer to this is to wait until you're done growing. Girls finish growing between the ages of 15-17, so then would be the *minimum* age.

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