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Cat Tattoo Discussion Board

VCH Piercing

Posted by dibeasley@Yahoo.com from IP: on 07/26/10

hi! how much does a VCH piercing usually cost? also, how do you know if you a candidate for this piercing? I've had my BB pierced is the pain much worse?

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RE:VCH Piercing

Posted by Brittany.Jo@cattattoo.com from IP: on 07/28/10

Any genital piercing is $100 for standard jewelry or $120 for gemmed jewelry.
The best way to decipher if you are anatomically suited for a VCH piercing, is to do the "q-tip test." We prefer to have an initial consultation, which will include the q-tip test.
The skin is thinner than an ear lobe & therefore the pain is relatively low in most women's opinion. In my personal experience, there was only a sharp pain as the needle went through the skin & was then immediately over & I could resume all normal activity.
If you would like to set up an appointment or stop by the shop anytime we can get you all taken care of!
See you soon!

-Brittany Jo, Cat Tattoo Piercing Artist & Laser Removal Technician

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